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Automatic Reporting

With Pinya Guard, you can set up a report of all information that the software is monitoring in comfortable PDF or excel format. The report on your employee will be sent to your e-mail or you can download it from the Pinya Guard software. Receive your staff performance report as often as you wish to.


  • Choose which employees you wish to monitor
  • Set the time you want to receive the report
  • Set all emails that you want to receive the report
  • Filter the working hours only
  • Receive automatic reports of applications used and website visited
  • Active devices report – track which devices your employee used
  • Analyse device usage report – track when the employee turns the device on and off
Report setting
User selection

Receive reports about the activity of the device that is being used and of the internet usage. The report shows you for how long the employee has been active or inactive and which device was used.

Get instant overview of your employees productivity straight to your mailbox every day/week/month.


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