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Screen Snapshots

Snapshots are the easiest way to detect what your staff is doing during their working hours. Our screenshot monitoring software allows you to choose an application that you want to track. By setting an automatic alert, Pinya Guard will start to save snapshots of employee screens when the chosen website or application is open. You can choose to receive e-mails with the recents screenshots or to save them on the cloud where they will be archived.


  • By using employee screenshot monitoring software you can monitor e-mails of your employees and find out if they are using work computers for personal things or if they are stealing or sending your most valuable data to your competitors
  • Set interval FROM ONE MINUTE and start screen capture employee monitoring
  • Set certain apps that you want our screenshot tracking software to actively monitor and your screen snapshots will start saving to your cloud account
  • Get notified by e-mail if an employee is using a forbidden application or is browsing a forbidden website


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